Not All Intelligence is the Same

In a post by Captain V:

"On the odd chance that you haven’t been following the story: The Army undertook a data mining project called ABLE DANGER. The project identified and connected a variety of dots that pointed to Atta as a member of al-Qaida. Army squirreliness about sharing “intel” data with “law enforcement” or even other elements of the IC apparently stopped any potentially productive information sharing effort.

One gig (demerit)for the Army."

My Captain, nothing "squirrely" about it, take back ur demerit:

Note in that in as much the supposed Able Danger unit (reportedly Army types) were evidently investigating civilian threats, the "rule" everyone is citing reference to "walls" about reporting such activity, and the "chop-blocks" by the justice don't follow as the rules for dissmination of intel are already covered in Army Intelligence regulations, and have been for a long time:


"US Code, Executive Orders, DOD Directives, and Army Regulations contain specific guidance regarding prohibition on the collection of intelligence information on US citizens, US corporations, and resident aliens. These laws and regulations include criminal penalties for their violation. Any PIO directed against US citizens should undergo competent legal review prior to their initiation." FM 2, US Army, May 2004.

Now why is this important? Specifically if these members were essentially PI, or even vanilla MP's (Military Police, or MPI), then by Army regulation their "intelligence" gathering would have fallen under federal rules of law enforcement investigative gathering/evidence presentation that all law enforcement must follow. Therefore, even though the "wall of separation" did exist, it wouldn't have necessarily have applied or even had been a factor in this case.

Which leads me to this: "What if the data minining ooeration wasn't a "intelligence" operation per-se, but a "police operation" using a "special team" of AI/MPs in a "law enforcment" capacity"? If so, this would put an interesting twist on things.

PS: Just a note, I haven't "flipped-flopped", I'm still not convinced this "super-secret" group even existed in the first place. But I'm also trying to put together a few pieces of this "wild tale".....