Pat Robertson was Right

Pat Robertson came under fire this week for saying what ex CIA Ops, White House Officials, and Military experts have been saying for a long time.

Chavez is a thug and he needs to be taken out.

CIA, Military Men Agree Pat is Right

"While televangelist Pat Robertson has apologized for suggesting that Venezuelan strongman Hugo Chavez be assassinated, a former military man and an ex-CIA operative have stepped forward to say that his concerns about Chavez aren't exactly unwarranted.

"Chavez is a dangerous guy," retired Col. David Hunt told Bill Bennett's "Morning in America" fill-in host Steve Malzberg on Wednesday. "We helped to elect the son of a gun [and] after 9/11 you don't get to threaten us."

The issue of assassination "should be on the table," Hunt said. "I'm suggesting that we use it as a tool . . . to get those guys nervous." Former CIA operative Wayne Simmons agreed, telling Fox News Channel's "Hannity & Colmes," that Chavez has "threatened not only the United States and the west, but [has]armed himself with the revolutionary armed forces of Colombia, which is the oldest, most well-trained terrorist organization in Latin America."

"He should have been killed a long time ago," Simmons said."

Predictability many conservative bloggers joined in the MSM public flogging (the MSM meme factor) of Brother Pat instead of just discusssing the merits of what he said.

I withheld my statements until I saw other news outlets report what I, as a career military type knew all along. Pat is right.

Chavez is a thug and if left in power could prove to be more trouble than he's worth.

Pat had said the same thing about Bin Laden, Saddam.

The problem of course is that it is "illegal", but I submit, "What is the difference if we 'take someone out' before, or during an conflict when we call it, "surgical"?

The difference is exactly what Pat was talking about.