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Plame Game Update 7 - "Did the CIA offer up Plame as a Sacrifice?"

While Tom Mcguire and others are following all the "who told what to whom, and who in the hell is Judy Miller protecting anyway?" - ins and outs.

Suffice to say that the left has stayed on one determination through the entire story:

"I think the issue is, did Libby tell Miller about a meeting he was at with Dick Cheney - or other members of the White House Iraq Group - at which a plan to discredit Joseph Wilson using his wife's CIA status was hatched? It's seeming more and more likely." (Talk Left)

The entirety of the left's take is that the White House went into damage control to "discredit Wilson" at any cost. This assumes that they even needed a plan to 'discredit wilson', as it turned out down the road it didn't take much. The trip was hardly credible from the get-go.

Be that as it may....

Here are a few thoughts:

Going back to the Newsweek article, Leak Investigation: The Russert Deal—What It Reveals by Michael Isokoff where he wrote this:

"Fitzgerald has been said to be investigating whether any aides violated the 1982 Intelligence Identities Protection Act—which makes it a felony to disclose the identity of a covert CIA employee: it requires showing the violator knew the agent's undercover status. (The State memo makes no reference to that.) But the CIA's initial "crimes report" to the Justice Department requesting the leak probe never mentioned that law, says a former government official who requested anonymity because of the confidential material involved."

Now why is this important. First, the CIA didn't consider Ms. Wilson/Plame covered under the act. This has led Isokoff and other pundits to speculate that Fitzgerald is possibly pursuing perjury or obstruction charges. Besides being wild and speculative, this is likely reaching a conclusion when the premise is off.

If Valerie Plame was not covert and therefore not covered, there is no protection, no need for an investigation, no crime committed - period. True, many grand jury investigations start with one thing and in the end find other crimes were committed. Yeah, Fitzgerald might be able to get purgery or obstruction charges - but good luck. Ten years in Law Enforcement, I've never seen a conviction on "he said, she said" - which no matter what people "wish" to believe, that's all we have right now.

The DU'ers and the Kos's, who want Rove's head, I'm afraid will be vastly disapointed when all is said and done though.

What I hope this who charade leads to is a full blown Senate Investigation. Then we get to see all the "playas" at the CIA - Plame, Tenet and good old Mr. Wilson - but under entirely difference circumstances. Word I've got is that Senator John McCain - who is no fan of the CIA - is itching for this to take place. I hope it happens.

Yet as I've said, and from what I've gathered - and you heard it here first, Fitzgerald is looking at precisely the things I'm talking about on this blog.

But since everyone is speculating, here is some of my own from an entirely different angle.

Let's say that Valerie and some of her co-horts were running a mini-rogue operation right under Tenet's nose. After the war started and all the fake docment, no WMD stuff started swirling, Plame's Game became apparent.

Of course this was the last thing the CIA needed to be known in light of all the scrutiny on botched intelligence.

So Plame's name gets out - by whoever, and now the heads at the agency have to act via Schumer and others demanding an investigation. Yet they can't cite the 1982 Intelligence Identities Protection Act, because it doesn't apply to her. So they instead cite "Security Interests". The fact is that they put her out as a sacrifice of sorts. If the story of her involvement in a scam was going to go fully public, let a investigation reveal that someone down the road when things cooled a little.

Yet the sad fact is that the MSM went "south" on the "leak story", as a decoy to the real story of Plame's Game. That's the sad truth. A rogue officer and her husband conspired to commit treason and yet pulled a "hat trick" by playing the leak card, and the MSM marches in step. (Read (here)

In fact, read here about a good theory about how Mr. Wilson himself started the ball and keeps it rolling.

I just got off the phone with some friends in VA, you know, shooting the bull, asking how things are going. I'll tell you this, if you think that there aren't people who are there who are ready to "Name that Plame Game", you're wrong.

Not every person in the CIA is rogue or playing politics. There are some good people there and many are in fact royally pissed at what they call the "moonlighers", or those who leak information in order to determine political policy. In fact, even today we read of yet another leak from INSIDE the agency about Iran's nuclear capability. I could remind you that Classified information being leaked is a crime, but as expected the media jumps on the report instead of the question of "who leaked it?".


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