Thursday, August 04, 2005


Plame Game Update -9 "The Claravoyance of David Corn"

As I eluded to here, sources tell me that the prosecution in the Plame Game is now turning some attention to two reporters, WAPO reporter Walter Pincus and The Nation's David Corn.

Specifically, Corn's July 16th, 2003, article which was two days after Bob Novaks column.

In this article Cliff May of National Review eluded to the incredible knowledge Mr. Corn had of Valerie Wilson's work and backgroud, including her covert status which was not revealed in the Novak column (Read it again, he didn't refer to her as undercover or covert).

Additionally. Cliff brought up the point that Corn was the first to put forward the "Administration is getting Joe Wilson back by outing his wife" mantra, which again was premature at the point he wrote the article. He notes the obvious answer is that he got this from Wilson himself although he doesn't credit the idea to Wilson in the article.

Addition evidence is that Corn didn't cite any sources for his expanded knowledge and almost psyhic assumptions of Plame's background, nor to this date offered any plausible explaination for this "clairvoyance".

None of this has gone unnoticed in the investigation. The fact that Valerie - a rogue op, cooked this story up from the beginning is compelling enough. Now bring in some "ops" from the MSM and it gets REAL interesting.

Again, too many links between reporters in this story and the DNC to count. When you look at the "Talking points" such as above are too concise and convient. That's the kind "cohesiveness of intent" that law enforcement and prosecutors look for.

The theory at this point would rival the best of best sellers of international intrigue. The more you dive in behind the scenes beyond the White House and look at the cast of characters in the Media, Joe Wilson, Valerie Plame, you almost think this thing was scripted for effect from the beginning.

When you take into account Mr. Pincus's and Mr. Corn's uncanny knowledge of the the details case so early on, it appears that they both talked with someone who had the story (the end from the beginning). The only plausable conclusion I have at this point is this was a setup from the get-go.

I coverup, scheme, not from the White House, but from iron triangle of the Democrats/Media and CIA - classic Nixon era - but with a difference. The media isn't the only one looking into this.

Put it this way, from what I've gathered, others see the same thing.

Like I said, when it's all said and done, there is going to be some real "shock and awe".

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