When you want it to happen so bad you can taste it!

Think Progress: Fitzgerald Still Questioning Witnesses, Zeros In On Rove

You know when someone wants something so bad they can't see the forest for the trees.....

Questioning witnesses.....of course, it's going on all the time in an investigation.

Focusing on Rove....not so fast. From the link above:

"The right-wing argues that the outing of Valerie Plame’s identity of as a CIA operative isn’t significant. Special Prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald, by all accounts a no-nonsense guy, disagrees. He continues to actively pursue the case and appears to be increasingly focused on Karl Rove.

From ABC’s The Note this morning:

Based on ABC News sources (and our own video camera) it appears that at least two witnesses testified before the grand jury last Friday, both close associates of Karl Rove.

ABC News has learned that one was Susan Ralston, Rove’s long-time right hand. The other, per ABC News’ Jake Tapper, was Israel “Izzy” Hernandez, Rove’s former left hand (and now a top Commerce Department official). It isn’t clear if either had been asked to testify before last week.

Looks like Fitzgerald doesn’t believe Rove has been “exonerated.“

Well that would completely depend on how you're "looking" at it. In my years of investigations my experience is when associates of a witness or "subject" are being questioned it is usually GOOD news for the subject. The reason is that you have gathered evidence on ANOTHER subject and the additional witnesses help nail the case.

Again, MY sources (yes, they're real), have a completely different story about where this is going. Notice you're not seeing too much of Amb. Wilson lately - that is no mistake - he's hanging low.

I'm not going to point anywhere yet, except to say I'm "this close" to identifying Walter Pincus's CIA expert. However, suffice to say there may be a national day of morning for those who are focused on Rove.