Able Danger - One Big "F Minus" for the Omission Commission Clowns

"WASHINGTON - It's either the grandest conspiracy since the JFK assassination and the grassy knoll or much ado about nothing."

This article recounts the Able Danger story up to now, albeit missing a few points. However, no matter how many times we all recount the story up to now, the fact is that real and definitive hearings need to be conviened now find out exactly what happened.

What really makes this necessary is that I'm convinced that the 9/11 Omission Commission needs to shut it's collective pie-holes on 9/11.

Today's story showing them giving us the so called "report card" is absolutely laughable. Are these idiots serious?

The fact is that Bartlett is right:

"Congress has more work to do in the way that they fund certain grants and projects at the local level for homeland security funding. But the bottom line is that we are not satisfied about where we are but we have to take stock that after four years of being at war in a post-9/11 era we have not been attacked. And I think you need to give credit to the law enforcement, police and intelligence officials who are working around the clock to protect our country," Bartlett said.

Amen to that bro. We are doing very well compared to the rest of the world at large.

Yes, our border security sucks, and there are many other areas that need attention. But by and large we have much to be proud of.

But this so-called Commission of Clowns in my opinion get's a F minus for the way they swept the Able Danger story under the proverbial carpet.

Unfortunately, that's the unexplored story that might just bite us in the ass in the future.

UPDATE: Village Voice has a say on the Omission Commission.