Friday, December 23, 2005


Motive and Opportunity - The Alito Set Up

One wonders why a supposed dead story at The NY Times get resurgence just before the Christmas break, or more to reality, just a month before the Alito Confirmation hearings.

Alito defended government wiretap rights

"WASHINGTON - Supreme Court nominee Samuel Alito defended the right of government officials to order domestic wiretaps when he worked for the Reagan Justice Department, documents released Friday show.

He advocated a step-by-step approach to strengthening the hand of officials in a 1984 memo to the solicitor general. The strategy is similar to the one that Alito espoused for rolling back abortion rights at the margins.

The release of the memo by the National Archives comes when President Bush is under fire for secretly ordering domestic spying of suspected terrorists without a warrant. Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Arlen Specter, R-Pa., has promised to question Alito about the administration’s program.

Again, "Spector", but it's not "the administration's program" It's the same program that has been the practice of Presidents (especially Clinton) for nearly 40 years. But I digress.

Truth is that I not buying the simple "coincidence" here.

The documents might have been released today, but their contents were known as early as last month by certain senatorial staffers who had 'indications' of their content, thus they specifically asked for their release, this according to sources I've spoken with today.

The question now is whether or not if the leak to the NY times has been nothing more than an orchestrated torpedo to sink Alito's nomination next year.

Stay tuned....

UPDATE: Poweline slams AP; Michelle Malkin with more links.

Note, as I said here, there is no doubt in my mind that the AP or other MSM outlets are able to read and know that the actual memo says nothing of the kind regarding warrantless wiretaps, but that's not the issue as far as they are concerned. Remember? In 'agenda driven journalism", it's get the story out - even if it's false, because they know and it's true that people remember the first headline, not the resultant explanations or corrections.

Mission accomplished eh AP?

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