Blanco Stank-Co

Must be Katrina mend the Democatic Dunces in Louisiana day in the MSM. First Nagin, now Blanco.

MSM to the recue...I think.

The NY Times is publishing the emails showing the confusion, disaray and incompetance of Governor Blanco. Mainly, they were concerned with blaming the Bush Administration:

"Aides to Senator Harry Reid, the Democratic leader, called Mr. Mann to discuss strategy, a conversation that indirectly included Mike McCurry, the former press secretary to President Clinton, according to one e-mail message.

"By the weekend, the Bush administration will have a full blown PR disaster/scandal on their hands because of the late response to needs in New Orleans," Mr. Mann wrote on Sept. 1, the Thursday after the storm, attributing that observation to Mr. McCurry."


Yet the NY Times can't help at a little "reputation repair". Ok, lying....

"In the documents, Ms. Blanco and her advisers, as well as some outside allies, defended her decision to reject a request by the Bush administration to take control of the National Guard forces.

"If Bush and FEMA couldn't deliver meals after 5 days how could LA expect them to take over our Natl Guard and do better job????" John B. Breaux, a former Democratic senator from Louisiana who is now a Washington lawyer, wrote in an e-mail message to Mr. Mann."

Guess she forgot about this admission.

Just like Time said, "Dazed and Confused".

No mending that.

UPDATE: More at Michelle Malkin; and Junkyard Blog

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