Daschle - Kershuffle

Power We Didn't Grant

Former Senator Tom Daschle, who incidently is a senior fellow at the Center for American Progress - a George Soros funded and run by former Clinton adviser John Podesta, attempts to throw more "drama" into the Government Survellance story.

(by the way, Podesta didn't see any problem with "secrecy" in the Aldrich Ames case)

I'm not going to quote his words here because it's crap and he knows it.

It's obvious that again the "timing" tells the story.

Simply Dashle comes after five days have passed and the facts have been put out. Why so long Senator? Memory problems? Or just took that long for the Center to get the "talking points" together.

Whatever the case, the 'opinion' appears on page A21 which shows that even the Washington Post knows it's crap.


UPDATE: AJ Strata tees off on the Left! Let 'em have it AJ! Also Captain Ed.