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Enough is Enough

Most conservative blogger I notice do not quote Rush Limbaugh. I'm not a daily listener, but caught his show today. Here is a brief quote of Rush in light of the NY Times' synopsis preview on James Risen's New Book, "State of War":

" know the Reverend Jackson and all these people say we got too many prisons. We got too many people in them. We got too many CIA prisons. We need to shut these prisons down, shut down Abu Ghraib, shut down Club G'itmo. We need to build another prison and this one doesn't need to be secret, and you know who needs to go in it? Every damned one of the leakers who reveal real national security secrets. I don't care if they are members of Congress. I don't care if they are CIA officials. I don't care if they are officials of the justice department. I don't care if they are members of the administration who have an ax to grind for some stupid reason. We need a prison and we need to name it the serial leakers prison and detention center. We will put the serial leakers who are systematically undermining our war effort in this prison after they are duly convicted, after the ongoing investigation by the prosecutor's prosecutor, Pat Fitzgerald, who is investigating CIA leaks.

It's time for another prison, and it's time to demand a federal investigation into all of these leaks now. This is the last straw. This is the bottom line, because this is bogus to begin with. This is a fraudulent story. It's deceitful. It is not published honestly. It's not described honestly. The author is not portrayed honestly. Why would it be? It's the New York Times. The precedent has been set to look into CIA leaks. We have it. It's out there. It's ongoing. The phony little Valerie Plame and Joe Wilson case, a couple of irrelevant schlubs when it comes to all of this stuff that really matters. The Plame leak, cocktail circuit entertainment for the media -- these leaks endanger the country and the New York Times cannot set national security policy for this country. They must not be allowed to do so, and they only are allowed to do so with the incessant disgruntled members of Congress, Justice, CIA, State Department, wherever the hell these people are. The New York Times is a willing receptacle for them. The New York Times is trying to set national security policy and it's time to find out who is leaking to them, and build that prison and put these people in it. "

Through the weekend you can read or listen to the rest here. It's worth it.

I couldn't agree more. And beginning today, I am beginning to put together a grassroots movement to call for investigations into the leakers of these stories to the press.

Let's be clear, there is NO freedom of the press at the cost of National security - period. I am a journalist by training, and I'm telling you this "freedom of the press" crap that allows unfettered and unsourced leaks to be printed "to inform the American public" is .....crap!

Subsequently, the connections of Mr. Risen, his publisher - Simon and Schuster - Viacom, C-BS, are all to be called into question. To use their own language, what did the editors of the NY Times know and when did they know it. Who else knew? What political pursasion was involved if any. Did any members of the Democratic leadership know about this report OR that it was being held until this time. I have definite information that Senator Rockefeller - who is mentioned in the Times article as knowing about the procedure - was "in on the fix". Not a surprise since Rockefeller's Memo detailed precisely the plan we see unfolding today.

By the way, I will release more information on Senator Rockefeller - including some embarassing tidbits about his admitted treasonist Syria trip at the appropriate time.

It's time to put a stop to the leaks. Again, I'm am personally holding responsible all those who voted against the Patriot Act today. Let me repeat that. I am PERSONALLY holding it against them. Moreover, I will be working in the local Republican party - of which I am a local chair - to thwart any Republican who voted against the renewal of the act. Senator McCain, if you're running in 2008, don't campaign here in South Florida. We are already mobilized to defeat you. You are anathema to us.

It's time to take a stand.


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