Great Speech!

My take on the President's Oval Office Speech?

Fantastic and masterful. This guy didn't get a Havard MBA for nothing. This is classic "ball in your court, why don't you do something besides bitch?" politicking.

In spite of the NY Times, WAPO, attempt at scaring people about "spying on Americans", the average Joe I talked to today on the street (stopped a few people at the mall and asked them) told me basically, "Whatever it takes!"

I told you. When it gets down to it, we all just care about being safe and secure in our beds. In spite of the supposed outrage of the liberal MSM (as if they knew nothing of wiretapping and spying), I don't see a lot of people getting worked up about it.

Fact is that the Democrats are really imploding now. Reid asking "What's victory mean?" Pelosi admitting Democrats have no plan for Iraq because they have no core - opps, I'm sorry Nancy, because they are so "diverse".

At this point, I'll go out on a limb. You are going to see the President's poll number either hovering near or over 50 by the end of the year.

Michelle Malkin with updates and reacts. Blogs for Bush as well.

UPDATE: Says it all.