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Khaled el-Masri Victim? Not so fast...

Media today is reporting that the ACLU is taking up the case of suspected terrorist Khaled el-Masri, who states he was 'kidnapped and tortured " by the CIA. Of course this story isn't newa as it broke over the summer, but since the MSM is all hot with the speculations of CIA "gulags", well of course, we must proceed. First some background:

"MUNICH, The New York Times - On the afternoon of Dec. 31, 2003, Khaled el-Masri was traveling on a tourist bus headed for the Macedonian capital, Skopje, where he was hoping to escape the "holiday pressures" of home life during a weeklong vacation.

When the bus reached the Serbia-Macedonia border, Mr. Masri said, he was asked the usual questions: Where are you going? How long will you be staying? Mr. Masri, a German citizen, did not think much of it, until he realized that the border guards had confiscated his passport.

The bus moved on, but an increasingly panicked Mr. Masri was ordered to stay behind. A few hours later, Mr. Masri, a 41-year-old unemployed car salesman, said he was taken to a small, windowless room and was accused of being a terrorist by three men who were dressed in civilian clothes but carrying pistols.

"They asked a lot of questions - if I have relations with Al Qaeda, Al Haramain, the Islamic Brotherhood," recalled Mr. Masri, who was born in Lebanon. "I kept saying no, but they did not believe me."

It was the first day of what Mr. Masri said would become five months in captivity. In an interview, he said that after being kidnapped by the Macedonian authorities at the border, he was turned over to officials he believed were from the United States. He said they flew him to a prison in Afghanistan, where he said he was shackled, beaten repeatedly, photographed nude, injected with drugs and questioned by interrogators about what they insisted were his ties to Al Qaeda.

He was released without ever being charged with a crime. The German police and prosecutors have been investigating Mr. Masri's allegations since he reported the matter to them last June, two weeks after his return to Germany."

It's important to note that while German authorities "believe" his story, much is uncollaborated and in some cases whimsical, and there is very little proof. Then again, I have the experience not to tell you that no such thing had ever occured.

When you need get it.

We'll have to see as more bears out in the case, but at this point I would remain skeptical of his story - remember, disinformation has no bounds, and one side is trained just as well as the other.

Of course when you think that all this happened on the watch of James Pavitt, former DDO and yes, Valerie Plame's supervisor, and who after resigning, went on to be a Principal of The Scowcroft Group, which is named after Brent Scowcroft, the anti-bush, anti-regime change guy who let Saddam off the hook so to speak in '91, and who hangs with Joe Wilson from time to time. Makes you wonder who actually let the "cat out of the bag", eh?

Dots and connections, connections and dots...leaks

Wanna bet Mr. Masri has got a little 'handler" helping to bring things to light?

UPDATE: Notice this AP article speaks as though the accusations where absolutely true? What would Rice have to apologize for, an unproven hythetical?


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