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Live at Miami

What do you know, just down the street from Miami International Airport

Via Michelle Malkin

"A federal air marshal opened fire on board an American Airlines flight on the ground at Miami International Airport, according to a law enforcement official who spoke only on condition of anonymity. At least one person was wounded, according to broadcast reports said. The plane had just arrived from Colombia and was headed to Orlando. Television showed police SWAT officers surrounding the plane."

Updates to follow!

Here's what we know:

Sources, via CBS4, One dead.

"CBS4 Investigative Reporter Mike Kirsch says a source close to the investigation says he has been told one person on the aircraft is dead. This has not yet been officially confirmed....

"A source tells CBS4's Jennifer Santiago reports a source tells her that this incident was not terrorism related, that a passenger aboard the plane announced that he had a bomb. Brian Andrews reports his sources say the incident happened very close to the front door of the Boeing 757, and got into a confrontation with two air marshals traveling aboard the plane. Shots were fired over concern for the safety aboard the plane, Brian's sources say."...

More to follow...

According to what I can tell, a passenger claimed to have a bomb in a carry on. When the suspect reached into the bag he was shot by an Air Marshall....

I can't get inside the tape, but have the scanner on....

Witness statement here

Interesting take at Counter Terrorism Blog, there is some agreement on the ground here. Talking with a BSO (Broward Sheriff's Lt/old buddy) right now......but FEDS containing jurisdiction.

Per the Lt., the subject was shot when he fled from Marshalls and shot when he refused orders to get down on the ground. Local Newsradio 610 Am, WIOD is confirming this. So much for the "drug connection", not the M.O.

Local News reporting, subject's female companion stated subject was "bipolar" and off medication.....

( you pack a bomb on an airplane?)

On second thought, ...they haven't found a bomb yet....

Man....the media down here is already taking up the , "Big bad Marshall shoots poor depressed man", story line...

More from witness via Sun-Sentinel:

"A passenger on the flight, Mary Gardner, told NBC 6, that she saw a man running ``frantically'' up the plane's aisle before he was shot. A woman, apparently the man's wife, said he suffered from bipolar disorder and had not taken his medication, Gardner said.

Gardner said four to five shots were fired. She could not see the shooting.

Television showed police SWAT officers surrounding the plane.

After the shooting, police boarded the plane and told the passengers to put their hands on their heads, Gardner said.

``It was quite scary,'' she told the station via a cell phone. ``They wouldn't let you move. They wouldn't let you get anything out of your bag.''

``Thank God everybody seems to be fine.''

Looks like this is going to turn out like it appears. Mentally disturbed suffering depression and "fakes" having a bomb then "plays the role". If so, it's tragic. But it's just another facet of what our AM's face on on the job every day.

Even some moonbats agree....via Fox: "Rep. Dennis Kucinich described the incident as "regrettable" but defended the air marshals' actions.

“In this post-9/11 world we can’t take for granted” any incident that may pose a threat, he said.

“The system that we have in place does work.”

UPDATE: Seems now that the media is playing the usual, "What do you think? No, what do YOU think,....blah, blah..."

Long and short of it is an acroynim called MOI which stands for Method - Opportunity - Intention. That's all you look for when assessing a threat. Mr. Rigoberto Alpizar exhibited all three.

The moral: If I or any other law enforcement officer issues a command, it's best to follow it. If not, usually bad things happen.

Nuff said. Thread picked up here.


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