Looks like drizzle ma nizzle!

MSNBC: Stanley Tookie Williams’ backers say he merits burial ‘befitting statesman’

"SAN FRANCISCO - The argument over whether convicted killer Stanley Tookie Williams was a man of peace or a death-row con artist raged on after his execution Tuesday, with supporters announcing they would give him a funeral “befitting a statesman..... (How about this?)

"Becnel said she was planning a memorial service “befitting a statesman” for Sunday or Monday in Los Angeles. She said Williams asked to be cremated and have his ashes spread in South Africa. Foxx and rapper Snoop Dogg are expected to attend, she said.

Snoop Dogg, a former Crips member, spoke to Williams by telephone about two hours before his death and talked about the book they planned to write about sharing wisdom among black men — father to son, grandfather to grandson."

Yeah....can't wait for that book...

"So if you got your chrome, you need to stay in the zone
And get a vest for your mutha f_king dome
Cause it's on like a dog with out his bone
I'm in it to win it and No Limit is my home (for life for life)."