Loser Mentality

I've got no time for losers....

I no sooner post one "loser post" referencing Chief Howard Dean, and here comes the Washington Post OpED writer Richard Cohen.

Witness the loser mentality at it's finest:

"Subjecting the newly declassified White House "National Strategy for Victory in Iraq" to a cynically inspired computer search, I find that the name "Donald Rumsfeld" is missing from the document's 35 pages. A reasonable person would be confounded by this. How can we have "Victory in Iraq" if the man in command has already brought us defeat? "Defeat" may be too strong a word, but if so, that's only for the moment. If, in fact, U.S. troops pull out of Iraq anytime before their mission is accomplished -- the plan of some Democrats and the wish of a few Republicans -- then defeat is surely what this debacle will be called. Even if that does not happen, any victory that comes three years and more than 2,000 U.S. military deaths later than promised cannot be considered a triumph. Call it what you will, but at the very least it's a tragedy."

No Sir, the only tragedy is that washed up, dazzed and confused 60's radical red-diaper doper-babies like you get to spew their garbage in an op-ed column

The problem with the Cohen's of the world is that they've never sacrificed anything for anyone. They've never known what it was to give the 'greatest gift', expressing the "no greater love" for their fellow man.

Nope, just pass the hash pipe and play Commie John Lennon's "Imagine" over and over again while weeping into their water bong, their idea of "sacrifice" being to "not bogart".

A tragedy?

Not according to the people of Iraq. Have you asked them lately dude?

Doubtful, as that would require getting out of your cubical - you know, a little research.

Try a little education you putz before you cheapen the death's of my comrades in arms by calling their sacrifice for freedom a "tradedy": here is a good place to start

Contrast Cohen's loser mentality with the mentality of a winner here