In light of his possible cupibility of leaking the NSA suvellance story to the NY Times, additional incoming information of which I will report on later, This post is a call for Senator Jay Rockefeller to immediately resign from his position of Vice Chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee.

The reason for this call is as follows:

In recent years Senator Rockefeller has continually shown a pattern of leaking, and/or suspicion of leaking classified material as well as possible collusion with the enemy in a time of war. The following are a few examples:

1. Dem Senator Rockefeller leaks secret spy satellite plan?

2. Report: Justice Department Probing Durbin, Rockefeller CIA Leak

3. What was the West Virginia Democrat doing as a freelancing prewar diplomat?

Further, the famous "Rockefeller Memo" shows his culpibility in engineering a political coup of the President of the United States in a Time of war, a possible act of treason.

As a ranking member of our Senate Intelligence Committee in a time of war, the bar of integrity is very high. So high that even a hint of infidelity which these stories show abundant evidence is enough to call for Senator Rockefeller's immediate resignation from his position pending outcome of a full investigation into these activities.

UPDATE: American Thinker along the same call.


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