Media in Glass House Shouldn't Throw......

Call it the year of Lame Reporting.

This post is a take off on this article blaming the Bush adminstration for everything except teenage acne.

Fact is that for ANYONE in the MSM to even try to write an article like this is lame enough, as if it was the banner year for the MSM....NOT, but to miss their multiple screwups in the process is well, so, MSM!

Since most of the article's venom is pointed at the Federal Response of Katrina - although I'm still waiting on some really tough reporting on idiot Nagin and Kathleen (got my water bottle where's yours?) Blanco to appear - Let's review how THEY did during the disaster!

Fact is that the MSM blew Kartina story big time. I mean as covering stories go, you couldn't have covered it worse or more incompetantly than media.

Although, we're still waiting for all the corrections to come in, much less the apologies to both the President and the Nation, nonetheless, most of what we still see is compete denial for the most part and outright arrogance overall.

Yet some of the media has been less than flattering...

For instance:

"The New York Times at the time Katrina was front page news hailed CNN's Anderson Cooper as "an anchor who reports disaster news with a heart on his sleeve". Strange praise for a reporter pledged to provide facts.

Last week, though, the Times busted many of the Cooper fables, from the chain of botched aid it was far more complicated than "Bush did it" because of America's three-government federal system to the allegedly "violence-ridden" Superdome.

And Maj Ed Bush of the Louisiana National Guard, who was there, told the Los Angeles Times in retrospect: "What I saw in the Superdome was just tremendous amounts of people helping people." In other words, no violence at all, in what was certainly a hellhole.

Remember the stacks of corpses at the Superdome, where failed officials didn't take food? There were six deaths, of natural causes, none the result of violence."

And who could forget Aaron Broussard's tearful outburst, shown September 4th on Meet the Press? Which was also later discovered to be an act.

Then there were the false stories which caused people - American's - to die. Such as the Newsweek fake Koran story. We've yet to see Newsweek fire anyone (hint: Isokoff) for this disaster. Instead we were treated to Rathergate excuses.

Ask me, it's been a pretty damn lame year for the MSM, they should talk. By the way, I'm still asking for nominations for the Top Ten Media Lies for 2005!