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NSA - The Leak Investigation Begins

As the wheels really begin to spin (as they have over the last few weeks behind the scenes) into the probe of the NSA leak as well as the CIA Prison leak, and from my source even a few more leaks from 2004-05 are being looked at - a few points to ponder:

(Of course it's interesting to note that this morning, suspect number two - the Washinton Post is more interested in the manufactured story of Tom Delay and Abramoff (again ignoring Abramhoff's extensive ties to Democrats like Senator ($67,000) Harry Reid, than of giving this story the front page treatment that they gave to the Plame Game).

Oh well, ignorance is bliss for the MSM.

But back on the points.

First, if the left was looking for "Watergate-2006", they're not going to get it from this story - there is no crime. Nice try though, and as we will see much of what I and AJ Strata, Michelle Malkin and the folks at American Thinkerhave been eluding to over the summer is the story of was has been (and continues to be) an orchestrated attempt at "Gettng Bush".

Not since "Get Nixon" has the iron triangle of DNC/MSM/CIA been in such full gear to bring down a President. Had it been 1972 they might have pulled it off - but thankfully it's not and more thankfully a more corrupt standard of President lifted the bar so to speak. When it comes to absolute corruption, it's hard to hold a candle to Clinton's Records. Moreover to his legendary and far reaching use of warrantless searches.

But I digress.

Whether it was the half a hundred anti-Bush books published and promoted through the MSM during 2004 (published more or less in succession to help defeat Bush); through the manufactured stories such as (RaThErGaTe) which severely backfired on C-BS, all the way to the no-leak story of DNC Operative, and CIA Administrative Assistant Valerie Plame and her DNC orchestrated, MSM enabled attempt to discredit the Bush Adminitration and help Kerry win the election. When it didn't work they got the unholy alliance of Kristof/Pincus and Corn to help them manufacture the story of the no-leak and get Joe a book deal!

They ought to have hired a different script writer, the plot of this movie was evident from beginning to end and very badly acted as the main characters such as Dishonest Joe who kept forgetting his lines.

We now come to what should be the Waterloo of the MSM - as in the end they are going to be nailed for publishing classified material. Through the Plame Game the door was opened to jailing journalists who obstruct and hide behind their sources. I do hope Andrea Michelle's memory improves - I'm really worried about her! It's actually going to be a lot of fun to see "who turns on who", as with Judith Miller we learned that the Media loves to consume their own.

Just as an observation, besides my dream of seeingCNN’s Jack Cafferty so dressed, I think The Nation's David Corn looks good in Orange as well.

Anyway... and are expectedly crying the blues that the Bush Administration would be so mean. "How could they?" They can, they are, and it's about time.


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