Plame Game - The Doors are Coming off the Langley Express

As I've been telling you since the beginning of the Plame Game and as others like James Lewis outlined, the story of the rogue CIA and it's attempt to stop an invasion of Iraq are coming out, in spite of the actions of the MSM and the VIPS to the contrary.

Back on November 3rd, Jim Hoagland of the Washingon Post wrote this article bascially bringing the story to National light. On November 29th, Cliff Kincaid of AIM, wrote a piece detailing the Hoagland article.

Blogs for Bush links both stories and also this article from Thomas Joscelyn at the Weekly Standard.

I expect more to come.

But don't think for a minute that the perps will take this lying down. There are still some left "inside the tent" and so you can look for more "leaks" or distractors to come - count on it. But at this point, I don't think that even the "experts" can keep the real story down now.

Again, this isn't 1972, and Mr. President, you have friends watching your back.

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