Plame Game - "Lets Dig Deep!"

Looking over my posts on the Plame Game of the last eight months or so it's pretty much a far gone conclusion that Joe and Valerie Wilson/Plame were up to no good in the time leading up to the Iraq War.

So far I've tied them, the DNC, the antiwar left and the MSM elite into one big cesspool of coup-de-Kerry, because that is exactly what they were trying to pull. Your classic CIA/MSM/DNC iron triangle to keep President Bush from winning a second term.

So let's be clear, there was no leak. Fact is that between Nicolas Kristof, Walter Pincus, David Corn and a host of other DNC joined at the hip cronies, they made the whole thing up.

Simply, certain members of the Democratic party along with members and funders of 527s such as, called in their "media markers" and created the leak story to get George Bush back for "stealing" the 2000 election. Just a little Payback.

Oh and having a rogue CIA op who's an active member of the party doesn't hurt either.

The good news is that none it worked. Joe Wilson pretty much screwed the whole thing up with his big ego/big mouth and rotten memory (essential if you're going to keep your story straight).

Oh yeah, their still trying. Fitzgerald and his investigation into "Never Happened Land" - notwithstanding and Chris and Keith Mathews/Olberman's relentless yet not quite watched coverage - is over. Put a fork in it.

But that leaves us with this little tidbit of history to deal with. For while the fact that the Nigerian Embassy was broken into in 2001 and from there came the story that the Bush administration used it's goons to steal letterhead (even though he wasn't in office yet), so that they could forge some yellow cake documents. However, that's all speculation, as no one knows what they took if anything.

Yet eleven years before that break in, somebody did the very same thing in 1991. That time they did get some Genuine Nigerian letter head and some Nigerian stamps to go with them.

But for what? In 1991 why would someone need those items?

"Show Me the Money!"

Well simply, this is when the IAEA began to watch over a certain cache of "deluted" yellowcake at Al-Tuwaitha, discovered just after the first Gulf War. Of course this is the cache which I referred to here as the point of the Nigerian/French/German/Russian/Iraq illicit Uranium trade operation. I mean there is nothing like having a convienent 500 ton cache of yellowcake that, so long as the amount remains the same, transfer is the game.

Of course we know that through the Oil for Food Scandal report that all the above countries as well as companies such as Cogema were in on the moolah as well.

Of course since the IAEA was watching the "cache-kitty", kind of makes you wonder, how they knew so fast the documents were faked? Much less just a scant weak after the Iraq war started. Again, their "truth" timing is always kind of curious.

Yet, to make things look good they even ratted on their 'friends" every once and a while. Hey! You've got to keep the defense honest!

So who wins? Iraq, Iran, North Korea, Libya to name a few rogue nations. Oh, and some IAEA officials who kept the coffers full of "dough" thanks to the cake. But of course to do that they had to again, keep Bush from winning in 2004 too.

They give the Nobel Peace Prize for the craziest things don't they?

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