The Plan - the tired old 40 year Plan......In case you didn't know..

By now - unless you've lived under a rock or are a member of the mainstream media (MSM) - you know that for the last five years or so there has been this relentless jumping up and down on the President's behind about everything.

Yeah, politics, I know....goes with the territory. When one party is in office the other "out of work" party spends all it's time criticizing the former.

But there a little more than just "business as usual" behind much of what we see coming from the Democrats over the last four years. It's called "Payback", and the plan is fixing to go into overdrive. Fact is that much of what you have seen and will continue to see has nothing to do with politics but with getting Republican's back for impeaching Clinton in 1998.

It's that simple.

Democrats and their friends in the MSM would like nothing better than to relive Watergate (their glory days) and bring down the President if for no other reason than for "What they did to brother Bill". Again, just simply a game of juvenile payback.

This has been the case since Bush won the office of the President in 2000 and had it not been for 9/11, you would have seen much more of effort on their part. In fact, I believe the onslaught would have been much more intense had not 9/11 rallied the country around the President and inspite of the slanted and often 'designed' polling says, much of the Country still rallies behind him. Which is why I see this latest effort as complete political sucide for the Democratic Party. Mark my words, there is going to be a backlash.

Fact is that people are sick and tired of the constant bitching an carping about everything that comes out of the Democratic Party. "If it's not a negative it's a positive and everything to a Democrat is a negative - especially as long as Republican's have the power".

How should I compare the present Democratic Party? It's like having a whiney neighbor like Mrs. Kravitz from Betwitched, you know, with her constant, "Abner! Abner! Do you see what the Stevens are up to???" Except "the Stevens" are the Republicans and more specifically the current administration.

Of course their bitching gets a lot of airplay as the UCLA survey just told us that "Liberal Bias" in the MSM is alive and well. So when Mrs. Kravitz cranks, the MSM cranks up.

However, fact is that all the mudslinging the MSM has done, for the most part has been based on false information and even in some cases deliberate manufacturing of news. Whether it's a false "peeing on Korans" story, or faked National Guard stories, or author after author coming forward and telling their "bar stories" about them and George, it keeps on keeping on.

But you don't have to get riled up if you know the "game" that is being played.

The game? " You ask?

"The Game" is simply this, "Get the story out - before the facts are known, or even if they aren't, well, make up the facts! - But get something out!"

In otherwords, bring up some unchecked and sloppily reseached piece such as this recent one and get it on the front page - thus getting publicity for an uncoming BLOCKBUSTER book; and then after the dust settles and the truth is known, the story begins to sink into the sunset until the NEXT Blockbuster comes out.

The most recent is this farse of a 'scandal' about 'spying on Americans' (incidently a lawyer friend told me that AOL spies on us more than the NSA could hope to); to which the MSM is in full orgasmitic mode along with the moonbat left: "We've got that McChimpy Bushitler! We've finally got him!"

This story of course comes off the heals of other failed plots of the past, most recently "The Joe and Valerie Show", which you will remember had the left breathlessly predicting "Twenty-two indictments", and a hugh frog marching party Live from New York staring Howard Dean!

What is the saying? "The best laid plans".....?

Fact is that this recent "who-ha" isn't any more a 'scandal' than the others. In fact it's not even news as we know that both Presidents Clinton and Carter employed the same methods. Incidently, I would have defended each, except for Clinton he seemed to have crossed the Constitutional line substantially more in many areas.

Yet if Risen's s0-called "story" it would have been really "news" it would have hit last year before the election - despite the "Alter-Reality".

You can bet if Risen could have "fired for effect" with a story that could have sunk a nail in President Bush's reelection effort - he would have done it. As I said here, he didn't because as we will see over the coming days as more facts come up Contender Kerry had his name on some "domestic spying" ambitions himself, so if the story had come out, embarrassing for all. Thus it was pretty much dead, or asleep until a more " opportune time".

The truth is that when all the facts are known this story will go off into the night as did the others did before it. Let's review a few of the other stories that were stories until the facts where known:

1. Bush National Guard story. Via C-BS, where it was alledged Bush told his commander, "Up yours!" Thus: SCANDAL! Until the facts were known. Forged documents - so? Bye-bye story.

2. Plame Gate - Dirty Bird Bush and his henchmen out poor little Valerie Plame to get back at that hero of integrity and valor Joseph Wilson. Thus: SCANDAL! Except the facts come out - Wilson's a liar, Plame wasn't covert - although she looks pretty depressed in her pajamas: Result: story dead, for the most part - bye-bye.

3. Katrina. In the first couple of days you would have thought Bush had personally ordered the hurricane to hit New Orleans and kill all black people. Result: SCANDAL! Facts come out that show it's not a good idea to build a city on a hurricane-prone Gulf Coast, that is 7 feet under sea level. We also find out that most of the problems encountered stemmed from an incompetent Mayor who can't spell "Bus", a moonbat Governor who could use a prozac or two, and it now turns out that just as many white people died than black and many of them were (rich).

Again, when the facts were known the story went bye-bye.

See the pattern?

It's not the "story", it's the "first effect". It's not even the "facts" it's just get the "If it bleeds it leads" headline out so that we can have our "media blitz" and try to convince people that "the whole country" is on the edge of their seats about this issue (when basically most people outside the beltway could basically give a crap), Except now that some of the facts of this story are coming out and despite the "West Wing" antics of some - the story, by the end of the year will be going off into the night just like the others.

It won't stop the onslaught. One wonders how many more stories are sitting on shelves at the Washington Post, NY Times and others waiting for "an opportune time". 2006 will be an especially active year. As John Kerry last week let the cat out, and even Barbara Boxer can't wait, nevertheless the Democrats have and a plan since January 21st, 2001 and won't quit until they can exact the revenge that fuels the totality of their real agenda.

But there is one difference. As is the tag line of this small blog, "Thou shalt not get away with it", the fact is that they are NOT getting away with it.

The MSM, and their co-horts can't just throw their crap against the wall without it getting examined by the Rush Limbaughs', Michelle Malkins' of the world. As I often say, "It's not 1972", and the MSM doesn't have a fraction of the influence it had then.

UPDATE: AJ Strata sees more to Judge James Robertson's resignation which find very interesting and plausible, and warranting further investigation.