Senator "Depends" - Peeing on himself again.

Newsmax covers the story that proves the point, "If you live in a glass house...."

Taking the point over the supposed fabricated story on "Citizen Spying", is Senator Patrick Leahy, that "80's traitor".

"Sen. Pat "Leaky" Leahy is leading the push by Senate Democrats to investigate the Bush administration's terrorist surveillance operation, saying over the weekend that the probe should be expanded to include allegations that the National Security Agency gained access to some of the country's main telephone arteries.

"As far as Congressional investigations are concerned," Leahy told the New York Times on Christmas Day, "these new revelations can only multiply and intensify the growing list of questions and concerns about the warrantless surveillance of Americans."

The Vermont Democrat's aggressive posture comes despite his own sorry record on intelligence matters. In 1987, for instance, Leahy he had to resign his post as vice chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee after repeatedly leaking information to the press that compromised U.S. counterterrorism operations and may have killed a key U.S. intelligence asset.

The episode earned him the moniker "Leaky" Leahy with home state critics."

I remember that incident and who it specifically affected. I have therefore no affection for Leahy -he resigned his post. Truth is he should have gone to jail.

But now he's just a confused and confusing old man.

"He rejects comparisons with surveillance operations conducted by past administrations, insisting to reporters last week: "If you go back to Clinton and Carter, those are searches under a FISA provision into embassies, foreign embassies and things of that nature, [and were an] entirely different situation."

Bull crap Leahy! Why don't you just take a leap off a cliff you traitorist scumbag. Take a look here and tell me that it's different. How about Aldrich Ames? What 'embassy" was he living in? In fact, Clinton used warrantless searches of American citizens for possession of marijuana - hardly a 'security' issue.

On thing you got right. As far as you and the rest of the left you are treating this story as a "different situation" - only because you and your traitor friends could give a crap about national security, so long as you can continue your plan to unseat President Bush.