So long Mr. Funny

It was 1976 or so and I remember my Army roomate brought this album in from the PX. It was a from a comdian named Richard Pryor, titled, "That Nigger's Crazy" and the title didn't lie. I never laughed so hard and so long, and I became an immediate fan.

Mr. Funny died today at the age of 65.

I will never forget the Movie "Silver Streak" and his on scene chemistry with Gene Wilder. They would go on to make several movies together.

Sadly as much humor as he gave us, his personal life was many times less than funny, and in the end, not funny at all as he battled with multiple sclerosis, a debilitating disease.

He was the inspiration for today's commedians such as Chris Rock, Jamie Fox, and other, and the world lost a real treasure.

So Long Mr. Funny, thanks for the laughs, and RIP!

More here, at Richard Pryor's official website.

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