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Someone is majorly screwed and it ain't Bush

The search is officially on for the leaker(s) in the New York Times so-called "blockbuster". "Word" is that the FBI IS. (although don't look for this to be on the Nightly News), actively involved in locating the leaker(s), as well as the CIA Prison leak.

Someone is screwed. I'd run now.

Meanwhile.....while they're on the hunt, let's look into the greatest question about the Ny Times story, mainly the timing:

Here's my questions: "Was the story released ONLY to bost James Risen's book sales next week? Or was the real reason to torpedo the Patriot Act and send an end of year salvo to a resurgent President Bush in the polls?" Or was it both or even more?

I believe it's the latter. It's just another facet of the ongoing attack to undermine and ulimately unseat (either by impeachment or resignation) President Bush. Pure and simple, from Plame Game forward it's all about a Saturday night just after the 2000 election was completed, and the Supreme Court rescued our Political process from the thieves who tried to steal it. When a toast was made in a living room by members of several left wing activists groups. The toast? To completion of the plan - not to "Move on", but to "Get even". In short, this isn't about "domestic spying' or "abu grab", but all about Bill's impeachment and the desire for revenge, and to win power back in Washington.

It's what all this three years of leaking and muckracking has been about, and they will not stop until they are discovered, exposed and stopped.

For your comfort, that process has begun.

Just on the surface it's very suspicious that this story came out (after being held for over a year), only after a largely ignored and very successful Iraqi election. A further obvious question I have is what then if anything did certain members of the Senate Intelligence Committee knew of the story was being release? Which bring this futher question, what connection does Mr. Risen have to the Democratic Party? Are they as cozy as his connections inside the IC community?

And Mr. Risen has some real cozy connections!

For instance, consider the 2003 book, The Main Enemy, that Risen co-authored. Risen's connections in the IC are legendary. But as this web article stated at the time:

"What would Americans think if they knew that their best newspaper, The New York Times, had allowed one of its national-security reporters to negotiate a book deal that needed the approval of the CIA?

What would they say if they knew the CIA was editing the book while the country is days or weeks away from a war with Iraq and is counting on the Times to monitor the intelligence agency?

They would be properly horrified."

We were then. We ought to be now.

Fact is that in spite of the MSM's faked horror at so-called Domestic Spying (it's not even close), the American public by and large is smart enough to understand that "whatever it takes" they want their families to be safe.

If we could ressurect a person who jumped from the WTC on that day and asked them, "Say, would you have been upset if we would have monitored Mohammed Atta without a warrant before you died? Would you have cared about his so-called 'rights'?"

What do you think the answer would be? Do you think they would have been upset.

Anyone who reads the NY Times story sees nothing except a Government that was grappling at how to deal with a post 9/11 world. No one was "spying on Americans", but special times call for special measures. FDR knew this and though controversial today, he incarcerated Japenese Americans by the thousands - without probable cause - without warrant - without due process. He confiscated their property as well.

Yet no one called for his head. No one talked "impeachment" or violation of "rights". Again, it was war. War is hell.

I'm not worried about who's "political advantage" these leaks benefit or hurt. Fact is, if you want to know the truth, I believe that Democrats are committing political suicide before our eyes. There will get nothing but political grief from their anti-american/anti-security/anti-US stance. People are simply not that stupid they can see through hypocrites like Kerry, Pelosi and leaky Leahy.

But there is more at stake than just their political ambitions. Our freaking lives are at stake. Have we forgotten? Before 9/11, everyone was worried about "rights" and as we know from the Able Danger story that 'concern' cost 3000 lives.

President Bush understands this. Our families are at stake. You want to die while you make sure that Mohammed gets three squares and gets tucked into bed at night fine. Do it in your own Country - not mine.

Again, Freedom of the Press isn't freedom to aid and abet the enemies of the United States of America. There is presently a coup taking place right before our eyes involving the DNC/MSM/ and rogue still intrenched elements of the IC community.

Which is why I say it is time to turn the tide on those who are attempting to hold hostage our National Security for the fleece of political power. It's time to call them to account and bring them down.

To begin, contact these Republican malcontents and let them know how you feel about them endangering your family's lives:

Craig, Larry- (R - ID) Class II
(202) 224-2752
Web Form

Hagel, Chuck- (R - NE) Class II
(202) 224-4224
Web Form

Murkowski, Lisa- (R - AK) Class III
(202) 224-6665
Web Form: Web Form

Sununu, John- (R - NH) Class II
(202) 224-2841
Web form

Let them know that if they continue to thwart our President and our Party then we will thwart their political ambitions now and in the future. As I said, enough is enough.

UPDATE: Be sure to catch AJ Strata's take. on the Time's story.

UPDATE: II Cliff May over at the Corner: "Will any MSM editorial page demand an investigation of this leak? Or is it the belief of the MSM that the truthful revelation that CIA operative Valerie Plame got her partisan retired husband assigned an African boondoggle more significant than actual breaches of national security in wartime?"

The answer is they will have no choice as the White House is going on the offensive. The President is pissed - royally pissed, and intends to get to the who and what of how that information got out.

It's about time!

Tracked to Tom Mcguire who isn't buying the "Democrat Shock and Awe" either


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