Stupid Moron Move Alert

Words Cannot Express My Feelings on This..

Wait! Yes they can. "What in the hell is the TSA smoking?"

"Small scissors and screwdrivers are among the items airline passengers will soon be allowed to take aboard planes again, Transportation Security Administration chief Kip Hawley announced Friday.

Hawley said the change will take effect Dec. 22 and is part of a broader effort aimed at having screeners spend more of their time searching for explosives rather than small, sharp objects that don't pose as great a risk.

Passengers also can expect more randomness at security gates so would-be terrorists won't know for sure what they will see. For example, an airport might require all passengers to remove their shoes one day but not the next.

"It is paramount to the security of our aviation system that terrorists not be able to know with certainty what screening procedures they will encounter at airports around the nation," Hawley said. "By incorporating unpredictability into our procedures and eliminating low-threat items, we can better focus our efforts on stopping individuals who wish to do us harm."

...."Small sharp objects that don't impose as great a risk"........??? cutters?

Seems they worked pretty good for the slugs on 9/11! Gee, before long I'll be able to carry my "glock" on board!