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There's No Dilemma - You do the Crime, Now it's time

*****Re-Posted****See update below*****

As I said here, Stanley "Tookie" Williams- who is scheduled to die next week by leathal injection - should face his fate - as scheduled, and on time.

However the usual "suspects" in the Hollywood crowd, and the uber-liberal left think otherwise. Today, Tookie's lawyers make one last pitch to the Governator Arnold Schwarzenegger

"Dec. 8, 2005 - As an action hero, Arnold Schwarzenegger dispatched villains with a hail of hot lead and a satisfied clench of his muscled jaw. As governor—and a politically humbled one at that—Schwarzenegger will find no such closure in the agonizing decision he faces in the case of death-row inmate Stanley (Tookie) Williams. Unless Schwarzenegger grants Williams request for clemency, the 51-year-old cofounder of the deadly Crips street gang will be executed by lethal injection at 12:01 a.m. next Tuesday at San Quentin state prison, where he has been incarcerated since 1981 for four murders he says he did not commit."

Oh well, that breaks it for me - he said "I didn't do it!" - Gee, we must have got the wrong guy!

"Even by the standards of death-penalty cause celebres in California, the campaign to influence Schwarzenegger has been extraordinary. Of course, Williams is not a typical death-row inmate. He has been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize several times (most recently on Wednesday) for his work to end the gang violence he helped spawn. His recorded speeches denouncing his own past are used in school districts and gang summits around the country. Even Winnie Madikizela-Mandela, the ex-wife of Nelson Mandela, came to seek his counsel on ending youth gang violence in South Africa. Williams has written a series of children’s books and a memoir “Blue Rage, Black Redemption”, intended to steer young people from the lifestyle he once glamorized. He provides advice to at-risk youth from a Web site run by supporters (as a death-row inmate, Williams has no Internet access.) His self-described transformation from “despicable” gangster to “man of peace” was last year made into a television movie called “Redemption,” starring Jamie Foxx."


Ok, stop the crap! This guy did the crime. The original jury agreed, the liberal 9th Circuit Court of Appeals and the California Supreme Court all agreed.

Although MSNBC is trying to turn this into "He'd better or else"...

"The decision comes at a perilous political moment for Schwarzenegger, who plans to seek re-election next year. After acknowledging his “mistake” in calling a $55 million special election last month to consider government reform measures (all failed), Schwarzenegger is trying to regain some of the bipartisan allure that got him elected. Last week, in a move that provoked open rebellion among some Republican leaders, Schwarzenegger appointed as his new chief of staff a former aide to Gov. Gray Davis and Democratic Party operative named Susan Kennedy. Even though his aides insist Schwarzenegger will decide Williams’s fate solely on the merits of the case, it’s lost on no one that 68 percent of Californians (87 percent of Republicans) according to a 2004 Field Poll, support the death penalty."

What is with the MSM always putting politics into everything?

The fact is that I'm all for redemption, but this guy is a thug and needs to pay for his crime. Let's not forget the victims whose blood cries out from the ground that he stood over them laughing while they died.

"Law-enforcement authorities have sought to convince Schwarzenegger that Williams’s celebrated redemption is little more than a PR ploy—and they have mounted their own pushback. “None of this Hollywood crowd cares one whit about the victims,” says Wes McBride, president of the California Gang Investigators Association. “They would step over them in a minute to enhance their image.” In a 57-page letter to the governor, the Los Angeles District Attorney’s office noted that Williams has never expressed remorse for the 1979 murders of Albert Owens, a convenience-store clerk who was robbed of $120 and Tsai-Shai Yang, Yen-I Yang, and Yee-Chen Lin, a family of motel owners, whom Williams was convicted of slaying in a robbery that netted $100. Family members of the victims have also appealed to Schwarzenegger to allow the death sentence to be carried out. Those pleas by anguished relatives, says an aide to the governor, “weigh heavily.”In prison, say authorities, Williams has refused to submit to a “debriefing,” giving officials information about the gang and its members. “If he is a new man and a man of peace then why wouldn’t he assist [law enforcement]?” says Lt. Vernell Crittendon, a spokesman for San Quentin who has known Williams for decades."

Any last requests?

UPDATE: Literary Giant? Hardly.

UPDATE II: California Supremes once again deny the Crip-Creep. Bumped for Tookie Watch.

UPDATE III: Federal Court - No.

UDATE IV: Done! No clemency.

UPDATE V: To those of the Talk Left - yeah, it's all about vengence and justice - or is that oriental people don't count when they are slaughtered? Political Teen has video of the Rev. Jackson's response (who gives a flying turd blossom?)

UPDATE VI: While the MSM is moaning about poor Tookie's worthless hide, here are his victims. Why say they? (Warning Graphic).


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