V-Week in Iraq - Show the Purple!

Celebrate this momentous occassion, this historical week! Viva- Free Iraq!

This is the day that the MSM hates, "Gad! Sucess in Iraq! What about the torture? The Insurgents?"

Looking around the MSM there isn't a lot of coverage, except this from FOX News:

"BAGHDAD, Iraq — The Iraqi government announced strict border measures, domestic travel restrictions and a nighttime curfew as preliminary voting began for that country's first constitutional parliament since the fall of Saddam Hussein.

Soldiers, patients and prisoners lined up and cast their ballots at select polling stations across the country Monday, days ahead of the Dec. 15 date when the rest of the country will go to the polls. At one Baghdad hospital, patients cast their ballots from their sick beds."

From their sick beds! The Iraqi's don't need Brian Williams or Perky Katie Couric to tell them what kind of day this is and what it means!

"I thought of the freedom for which many have died.
A freedom for which many millions still yearn,
To live and to laugh, and yes, even to learn.
The freedom to reach out to each other in love,
The freedom to give thanks to our Father above.
The freedom to enjoy the work of our hands,
The freedom to travel, and enjoy our great land.
Freedom to worship in the church of our choice.
How many of us, in these freedoms rejoice?
Lord, walk before us and help us to see,
It s only by the grace of God, we are free."

- By Jerry Ham

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