A Very Tookie Burial

Ah Killer Tookie, we just can't stop hearing of your worthless hide.

"LOS ANGELES - Few condemned inmates have generated as much public support as Stanley Tookie Williams — and so much post-execution attention. His final send-off promises to be no different.

A funeral normally reserved for a dignitary or religious leader was scheduled for Tuesday, almost exactly a week after Williams was executed by lethal injection for murdering four people during a pair of 1979 robberies.

Among those expected to attend were the Rev. Jesse Jackson, who visited Williams shortly before his death; Nation of Islam Minister Louis Farrakhan; and hip-hop artist Snoop Dogg."

Seems his "friends" want to give his ashes a "sprinkle" over Africa. But why descrate that marvelous land? Besides there is enough animal dung.

Here is a more cost effective method for disposing executed muliple murderer "Tookie" William's ashes: