Yeah, if this isn't bad enought, have you ever tried to get "Hang on Sloopy' on CD?

Yo' fellow boomers - bad news man, we're falling apart!

CDC: Baby Boomers Plagued by High Blood Pressure and Obesity

"Half of Americans aged 55-64 have high blood pressure, a major risk factor for heart disease and stroke, according to a new annual report on health in the United States issued today by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's (CDC).

The report concludes that 40 precent of people in that age bracket are obese.

The report features an in-depth look at the 55-64 age group, which includes the oldest of the baby boomers. In 2011, the oldest of the boomers will be eligible for Medicare, and by 2014, the ranks of Americans ages 55-64 will swell to 40 million, up from 29 million in 2004.

"Controlling high blood pressure and obesity is crucial for health, and particularly for baby boomers as they grow older," said Health and Human Services Secretary Mike Leavitt. "It's time to act against both conditions so more Americans can live longer, healthier lives."

CDC Director Julie Gerberding urged people 55 to 64 to take stock now of their health, including such vital measures as weight, cholesterol level, blood pressure, risk of heart attack and any signs of diabetes.

"The late 50s and early 60s are a crucial time of life to focus on disease prevention," Gerberding said. "It's never too late to adopt a healthy lifestyle to enjoy a longer, healthier life."

I can't go on, dang corns....

Oh, by the way.....if you don't know who "Sloopy" is ...go Hang on Sloopy

UPDATE: Commenter Robert informs me that Hang On Sloopy is the State Rock Song of Ohio. Per Robert: You can download a version of the song recorded by The Ohio State University Marching Band (a/k/a The Pride of the Buckeyes or The Best Damn Band In The Land (TBDBITL)*) from this web page: