Call to Action - Stop those who endanger America

******UPDATE******* Looks like my voice was heard. It's On! See update below!

I have an idea.

How about concerned American citizens counter-sue the ACLU and other leftwing groups for tampering with our National Security, and endangering our lives.

Along with the ACLU, the other two socialist leftist groups, helping out the terrorists are the Center for Constitutional Rights, and Greenpeace. I submit both of them could also be named in the suit as well.

How about it? Blogswarm? Doable? Preceedent?

Let's get it going. Enough is enough. It's time to fight back.

More of the ACLU connection with terrorists at AJ Strata-Sphere. Also here. Stop the ACLU, Michelle Malkin

UPDATE: This figures! Per Thomas Lifson at American Thinker, there is an actual plaintiff in this "suit":

"The ACLU and the Center for Constitutional Rights are suing President Bush, the NSA and some other agencies over the NSA surveillance program. Guess who one of the prominent plaintiffs is? None other than Rachel Meeropol, grand-daughter of Communist spies Julius and Ethel Rosenberg. The bloodline continues to be red, as Rachel is vice president of the New York chapter of the National Lawyers Guild, a communist-leaning organization

Further also at Sweetness and Light who discovered connection.

You had to know that the spawn of traitors would find a terrorist sympathizing organization to help them out. Yet this is really some good news. For now we have a "person" to sue for endangering our National Security.

Thus the call goes forward. "Let's get 'em"!

UPDATE: See Michelle Malkin, also Stop the ACLU who is taking donations for the filing fee. Get over there and donate! It's time to stop these clowns now!

Also Debbie Schlussel, an attorney will evidently be taking the case "no cost". Thanks Debbie - you are a great american!