Thursday, January 12, 2006


Democrats "out of the mainstream" on NSA Surveillance Issue

AJ Strata breaks down the latest Fox News Poll on the NSA surveillance question. The verdict? Democrats are losing the "war" of public opinion. Like I said here, when push comes to shove people say, "Whatever, just keep us from getting killed!"...."Just do it!"

This poll also confirms the fear of some centrist democrats cited in this article from the Washington Times from last week:

"I think when you suggest that civil liberties are just as much at risk today as the country is from terrorism, you've gone too far if you leave that impression," Michael O'Hanlon, a national security analyst at the Brookings Institution who advises Democrats on defense issues, told The Washington Times last week.

"I get nervous when I see the Democrats playing this [civil liberties] issue out too far," he said."

After stepping on their proverbial d--ks during the Alito hearings, combined with this poll I would say that they'll all be at the Kennedy compound over the weekend getting tanked.

Cripes have you ever seen a bigger bunch of losers?

It's over! "Case closed! Della, get the car!"

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