Did he say "Credibility?".....

Talk about Chutzpah!

Alito's Credibility Problem
By Edward M. Kennedy

"Alito's words and record must credibly demonstrate that he understands and supports the role of the Supreme Court in upholding the progress we've made in guaranteeing that all Americans have an equal chance to take their rightful place in the nation's future. "Credibility" has rarely been an issue for Supreme Court nominees, but it is clearly a major issue for Alito."

You lying sack of 90 proof, half-baked, Dead Brother coat-tail wearing, secretary killing cretin!

You would coach us on "Credibility"

You who would say...

"Do we operate under a system of equal justice under law?
Or is there one system for the average citizen
and another for the high and mighty?"
- Senator Ted Kennedy, 1973 -

After you wouldn't even lend a hand?

That led to this:

You lying hypocrite.

Read more, about the facts of Mr. Kennedy.

UPDATE: Clarice Feldman on more Kennedy 'wit".....