The dying NSA story and the Hillary Factor

Sorry Kos Kids, you can stick a fork in the NSA story. It's dead.

On To Meet the Press roundtable today, Roger Simon said in reference to the NSA 'scandal':

"One more point on that. Unlike past administrations, notably the Nixon administration, there’s no evidence that the Bush administration has used this warrantless surveillance for political purposes. When the president says, ‘I’m doing this to protect the United States of America, there’s no evidence that he is in any way prevaricating. And that is why, I think, so many people are saying, as Kelly pointed out, ‘Well, I don’t talk to al-Qaeda every night, so let them tap my phones all they want to.’ And as long as this remains a genuine attempt to prevent another terrorist attack on the United States, I think the president is going to skate on this."

Well before one can "skate", you would have to say something wrong has been done. There is no evidence of that either. But while the MSM and their constituents on the moonbatty left continue to see visions of 72, the NSA issue is for all intents and purposes a dead issue. If for no other reason that 2008 and who is running for President.

The fact is that the last President who used warrentless wiretapping for much more than just political purposes was not President Nixon, but President Clinton.

Now with Hillary Clinton the decided "front runner", yet aquiring a recent case of "hoof in mouth" disease, she can ill afford to have this story on the front burner for long. The last thing she needs is people talking about those darn FBI files again. You know that the MSM for the most part lives and breathes with anticipation of a a Hillary Clinton Inauguration.

Subsequently, you can begin to kiss this story bye-bye.