Tuesday, January 24, 2006


The Great Conservative Awakening in Canada

I can imagine that Bill Clinton today "feels the pain" of liberals who fled the US to Canada after the 2004 election only to find themselves in the midst of a conservative revolution in that country.

Tis sad.....*snif*!

"OTTAWA - Stephen Harper and his Conservative Party won national elections Monday and ended 13 years of Liberal rule, giving Canada a leader who was expected to move the country to the right on social and economic issues and bolster ties with the United States.

The Conservatives’ winning margin was too narrow to avoid ruling with a minority government, a situation that will make it difficult to get legislation through a divided House of Commons.

The triumph for the Conservatives came with many Canadians weary of the broken promises and corruption scandals under the Liberal Party, making them willing to give Harper a chance to govern despite concerns that some of his social views are extreme."

Captain Ed who has been blogging on this from the beginning:

"It looks like the split will be 124-103 Tories, with BQ getting 51 and 29 going to the NDP. Jack Layton is congratulating the crowd. The NDP wound up increasing their representation by a half-dozen ridings, a bit fewer than we first thought, but still an impressive showing. The Tories took a six-point lead in the overall voting, a bit less than predicted, but right about what SES Research showed in its final polling. Both parties will wind up with bragging rights tonight, and the Liberals and BQ will have to ask themselves what happened. Paul Martin, the answer for the Libs, will not last much longer as leader of the Grits when that question gets answered."

Ok, so maybe not a major "sweep", but a huge beginning. Dont' let US liberals or the MSM delute this story, it's huge.

You are seeing the beginning of the death of liberalism world-wide. Not a minute or century too soon.

Michelle Malkin comments:

"And reader Chris H. in California writes:

"Our losers always tell us they are going to move somewhere like Canada if the voters have the arrogance to elect Republicans. Where do Canadians threaten to go?"

I dunno. Pyongyang?"


UPDATE: MSM is already starting to throw mud on the victory. Predictably Pathetic.

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