Help the Iraqi Children

One of the reason the MSM by and large is loosing audience and has become basically irrevelant in the things that are important is that without bloggers like Michael Yon we would never see the positive side of our efforts in Iraq.

In this post Mike talks about the children of Iraq and how they can be helped.

While the MSM is quick and seemingly happy to show the abuses of a few, the fact is the Coalition has been doing fantasitic work along with actor Gary Sinise to help these kids, primarily by helping to build schools and provide supplies for a good educational system.

While I know it's not their motivation, their efforts will pay dividends for years to come. For if not for the efforts of Americans these kids would have been the targets of radical Islamic extremists learning only to hate and kill. Instead because of the kindness shown them, they will grow into adults who will know that we didn't come to harm but to save. Not as enemies but as friends.

The future of middle east peace is with such children. No matter what the detractors of the left may say, the seeds of democracy have been planted and are beginning to sprout.

Please support the efforts of Operation Iraqi Children and help the children grow.