The Hypocritical Racist Left

While the left has always tried to paint conservatives as racist and bigoted the simple fact is that history of Democratic party itself is a study of racism and intolerance.

Ms. Clinton's remarks on Martin Luther King's Birthday are rightfully getting attention. (and it's not the first time for Hillary) But this isn't an isolated incident or "oops", but one of many skeletal oops that abound among many democrats which they have exhibited all down through the years.

Whether it was resisting civil rights legislation in the 60s, where it was Alambama Democratic Committee member and Commissioner of Public Safety Eugene "Bull" Connor using fire hoses and police dogs on black demonstrators, their abysmal record on civil rights, and racial intolerance will rightfully now be front and center as it should be.

Whether it's Mayor Ray Nagin and his idiotic and offensive "chocolate city" remarks, or Robert KKK Byrd or his "quip" of a few years back that was ignored by the MSM.

Their statements aren't just "slip ups", but a validation of the truth of "Out of the heart the mouth speaks". They truly believe what they are saying.

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UPDATE: No Media Bias? When the MSM covered Trent Lott's statements, it was front page news. When it's Hillary making racist statements, it's a War of Words.

Pathically typical. Again....clueless and useless.

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