I was wondering

I was wondering what Harry Reid was up to lately. Looks like he was spamming one of the WAPO blogs and made it shut down.

Darn it Harry, just give back the $67,000 like a good crooked politcian.

UPDATE: The WAPO Executive Editor Jim Brady responds:

"Cache Valley, Utah: if ya can't stand the heat...

Publish partisan lies and not expect a backlash? Get real pal!!!

Fire that f***ing b**** forthwith and all's well that ends well, no? Otherwise, batten down the hatches, pal, 'cause there's a storm a brewin' and it's gonna be nasty.

Respectfully yours.

Jim Brady: Afternoon, thanks for all your questions (well, maybe not this one). But I wanted to start with it to make a point that this was the kind of stuff we spent all week cleaning out of our message boards (except there were no asterisks). And when the amount of time it took to ferret these kind of posts out exceeded the bandwidth we could devote to it, we decided to close commenting on post.blog down. Now, on to some intelligent questions, of which there were many."

All kidding aside for Dingy Harry, this is the typical left wing rhetoric you see from sites like Firedoglake and Daily Kos. Big on cursing, little on actual meaningful content, even smaller on intelligent dialog. In other words, "Moronic Rumblings".