Let's Just Encase Them In Iron

You know, all this talk about "more body armor" could have saved soldiers is a load.

I'm reminded back in the day that when we issued the old "sandbag" flak-jacket as we called it, most troops coudn't stand wearing it.

"Get's the in the way!" "Too heavy!" they would say. I watch pictures today of the modern soldier and me and my chums say, "How in the heck are they moving around in that stuff?"

The fact is that there is "enough" equipment and then there is "too much". Hey folks, this isn't "paint ball"! In war you have crap flying at you that Superman couldn't defect. Why don't we just put the troops in little steel boxes fer crying out loud!

"80 percent" could have survived"

What a load of crap!

Most of the casualties I witnessed during my time didn't get hit because they're "body armor" sucked, But because they screwed up, didn't keep their head down, and failed to follow procedure. You know, dumb stuff.

Had a troop once get it in the chest, simply because he hated "light discipline" and lit a cigarette and a sniper helped him to kick the habit - striking him right in the kisser.

By the way, he had his flak-jacket on.

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