Live Blogging the SOTU

9pm: Anytime now. Per Hugh Hewitt, Cindy Sheehan who had been invited to attend was removed (arrested) after trying to hang some lame assed banner. What a maroon.

9:05pm: President introduced. Good applause. Gives condolences for the passing of Coretta Scott King.

9:08pm: "Differences cannot be hardened into anger". The state of the union is strong.

9:10pm: Invokes 9/11. Mentioned threat of WMD. Stay on messge! Boldly defend freedom's cost. Good progress in Iraq. The success of freedom. Some men rage against it - radical islam. He's reminding the nation why we are fighting. Good recap. "We love our freedom and we will fight to keep it!" Fantastic! We cannot be isolationist. Ooooh, "NO HONOR IN RETREAT!" (Get that Murtha?) NEVER SURRENDER TO EVIL! I am on fire!

9:15pm: We have killed and captured many of their (Al Qaeda's) leaders. "We have a clear plan for victory". Again, good recap on progress in Iraq. Within three years we have gone from a ruthless dictator to elections. We are WINNING!

9:20pm: Discusses reduction of troop levels. Decision to made by commanders in charge, not by politicians here at home. He will reach out to those who critize. But a sudden withdraw of our troops of Iraq is unacceptable. No matter what our disagreements we must stand behind our troops.

9:25pm: Talks about our troops bravery. Reads words of KIA SSG Clay. Family in gallery - standing ovation. Great moment. Democrats will claim shameless photo-op, "screw them".

9:27pm: Talks about how democracies in the Middle East will not look like our own. (Important point). Blast the Iranian Nutcase - "It must come to an end!" "Must not let the Iranian regime to get nuclear weapons!" He's laying the ground work for a "ass whupping" that's a coming!

9:30pm: There is still terrorist threats at home (BORDERS???). Reauthorize the Patriot Act.

9:31pm: Here we go. Constitutional authority for NSA warrantless wiretaps. " If someone in this country is talking to Al Qaeda we want to know about it because we are not going to sit back and wait to get hit again!" YEAH!!! He just killed the NSA debate for the rest of 2006. Homerun!

9:35pm: Strong economy. Hitting on trade deficit with China and other countries. "Economic Retreat" are you getting the theme (Murtha Democrats)? Tax cuts work. Did for JFK, for Reagan and they work now. Make tax cuts permanent. Working on cutting lame nut programs from the budget. Heh - Reagan - give me the line item veto!

9:40pm: Hitting the Social Security problem again. He's going fer it again. He was sidelined. "Congress didn't act to save social security!" Hugh response! The problem is not going away. Democrats look like their going to pass out. Calls for a bi-partisan commission on Social Security. Another hugh reponse. Big homerun!

9;45pm: Borders! Need to tighten them! But still harping on that damn guest worker program. Nonsense - kick 'em out!

9:50pm: Heathcare. This is special to me as my wife has continual care. My plan sucks and sucks my check dry. He's hitting the big problem on the head. Medical malpractice reform.

9:52pm: America is addicted to Oil. Announcing new initiatives in reducing dependence on foreign oil from unstable environments. ARRRRGGG Hybrid cars!.....NO! Moonbat mobiles! ANWAR, ANWAR, ANWAR!!!

9:55pm: Announces more funding and an "R&D" tax credit.

9:58pm: New members of the Supreme Court - specially Alito. After just outlining not legislating from the bench. Gives a salute to Justice Sandy O'Connor. Standing ovation. Ask for the passage of anti-cloning legislation. "Human life is a gift of our creator, and it should not be put up for sale."

10:00pm: Without mentioning Abramoff (sorry dingy harry), he talks about political corruption. We've got to get things cleaned up. Amen to that.

10:05: Renew Ryan White funding for AIDS.

My fellow citizens we've been called to leadership in a period of consequence. Compares the current struggle to that of the Civil War, WWII, and the Civil Rights struggle.

Optimistic, forward and onward!! Like him or love him, the guy's a leader. Says what he means and means what he says.

Great speech! 5-8 points in the polls I predict.

(By the way, anyone seen Rep. Murpha?)

UPDATE: Here's Sheehan getting the boot. She just had to be an ass. Throw the book at her and then, visit here to vote YES for Cindy Sheehan for the Senate!

UPDATE II: More reax at Blogs for Bush