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NSA - Andrea's Magical Mystery Tour -2

Making the buzz at a lefty blog near you, this report by - hrrupmpt..."America's Blog" states that a transcript of a Andrea Michelle interview with James Risen that 'supposedly' went like this:

"Mitchell: Do you have any information about reporters being swept up in this net?

Risen: No, I don't. It's not clear to
me. That's one of the questions we'll have to look into the future. Were there abuses of this program or not? I don't know the answer to that

Mitchell: You don't have any information, for instance, that a very prominent journalist, Christiane Amanpour, might have been eavesdropped upon?

Risen: No, no I hadn't heard that."

The transcript has apparently been changed. Although reading it, I don't see the shock and awe others are seeing. First, Andrea (who's known for forming questions out of the air) throws out a question that Risen says he never heard of. Case closed.

Except for the "Bats in the Belfry" conspiracy buffs out there.

Now 'supposedly' NBC is looking into the question. Then again, they may be sending Andrea for a psychiatric eval to help her recall her "Plame Memory".

UPDATE: Then again (my cellphone bill is going to be huge) ...what IF the Gov tapped Amanpour AFTER obtaining a warrant? I mean, IF true who said this tapping was "warrantless"? Another question to mull. Who is to say (and I'm not going to confirm -although there is a hint), if Amanpour wasn't into something she ought not should have been? You know? Sometimes those "quiet little teas" make you privy to things we all really should know about.

After all who said that in the War on Terror we could absolutely trust our media? Perhaps the person to ask is Amanpour herself. Come on - where have you been?

UPDATE: Per CNN's Wolf Blitzer show, the an agency official looked into the matter for CNN and found no basis in the story. Quote" "They are just as puzzled by Andrea Mitchell's statement as we are". UPDATE**Further denial on CNN site here.

UPDATE II: Tom McGuire: "Let me help - even though Ms. Amanpour was not "targetted", as per the NSA denial, she may well have been caught up in the surveillance *IF* she received a call *from* a phone that was being monitored for AL Qaeda connections. And IIRC, that might include public phone booths in Kabul - that is where calls to two of the 9/11 terrorists originated, if memory serves. Presumably, other public phone booths are surveilled as well."

Much as I can find out, and I have been asking, this more than likely a "tale" Andrea heard at one of those Washington Life Parties she's known to frequent - quite frequently. There is NADA on Amanpour on anyone's calendar at the NSA.

Tracked with Michelle Malkin


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