NSA - Leaking Classified Information to the media is illegal

Michelle Malkin bags Senator Chuck Schumer for doing "that democratic thing" by redefining what a Whistleblower is. As I said here and here, and specifically the "Classified and Related Information Act:

""This legislation directs the President to inform employees of the intelligence community that they may disclose information, including classified information, to an appropriate oversight committee of Congress when that information is evidence of misconduct, fraud, or gross mismanagement.

The committee is hopeful that this legislation will also encourage employees within the intelligence community to bring such information to an appropriate committee of Congress rather than unlawfully disclosing such information to the media, as happens from time to time."

Again, as I posted, it is the "right" and duty of intelligence employees or any employee of the Government to report TO PROPER AUTHORITY evidence of fraud, misconduct, etc. Yet to the PROPER AUTHORITY. All agencies have a "chain of command", and procedures for "blowing the whistle" when you see something that ain't Kosher.

However, the last time I looked, the NY Times (James Risen) or Washington Post (Dana Priest) did not appear in any Government Agency or Military chain of command. Disclosing classified information to the media is illegal Senator Schumer - no matter for what motive or reason.

I wonder if Senator Schumer will have his buddy Senator (I've been the Mountains of Syria and Back!) Rockefeller and ask him to sign a confidentiality waiver?

UPDATE: As I muse over over the tiring democratic response everytime it appears their fingerprints may be on the cookie jar, with their "it's not the method, but whether or not the story is true" mantra. Let's be reminded that Benedict Arnold told true stories too, but he was still a traitor.