NSA - No Surprise - The Program Works!

AJ Strata laid the NSA/FISA story wide open today via this story in the NY Times that shows (now hold on to your seats) that a free flow of intelligence information shared between agencies actually stops terrorist attacks.


Read more of AJ's post don't want to steal his thunder.

But here a question:

"What in the hell is everybody talking about?"

First, Bush isn't spying on Americans. That's just typical Daily Kos/Moonbat political bullcrap. This is a specific program with a specific objective. "If you live in the US and you're talking to Al Qaeda, or any other terrorist group, we want to know about it!". It's simple enough.

The fact is, and I'll say it over and over again, NO ONE CAN PRODUCE ONE CASE OF FOURTH AMENDMENT ABUSE. Not one.

Secondly, the program is working and working better than anyone could have ever imagined. God save us from the partisan asswipes on the left who would rather see another 9/11 than to give Bush an ounce of credit in the success shown so far.

Sound harsh? It needs to be. Hate blinds and the left is walking with "Bush Sucks" blinders on, in the dark, and dead wrong on National Security and they can't stand it.

But instead of giving the President the credit for a program that although controversial nontheless works, they would rather throw up the walls that led the death of nearly 3000 on September 11th, 2001. It's bullcrap, it's reprehensible, and mark my words it's going to cost them big at the ballot box for years to come.

Take it to the bank.