NSA - "Wild and Crazy Tice" Update

Per AJ Strata:

"FoxNews is reporting on Brit Hume’s Special Report by Carl Cameron (right before the midpoint) that Russell Tice did tell someone in Congress about the NSA program. My guess - Sen Rockerfeller.

Carl is also reporting Tice did not work on the program which Risen and the NY Times leaked - so therefore it is highly unlikely who knew enough about it to know whether it was legal or not. Sounds like a disgruntled employee making wild accusations lapped up by conspiracy driven liberals in the news media.

And this is why we have lost some of our edge in protecting ourselves from terrorists???

Where Rockefeller and Risen and Judge Robertson suckered by a disgruntled employee?"

As it is said that Tice contacted Sen. Barbara Mikulski, D-Md, and AJ notes, and I concure that this makes sense because it's her jurisdiction.

So as Brit would say, "What about Barbara?"

Well, to say that she's an 'uber-liberal' is an understatement.

Here she is (In code pink uniform) ranting with the rest over fillibustering John Bolton last year.

Here is a quote from a radio address she gave last year after the Scooter Libby indictment:

""As you know, the last few weeks have been remarkable. A White House aide has been indicted for the first time in 130 years. The Republican leader of the House has been indicted, and the Republican leader of the Senate is under investigation as well.

"Meanwhile, Americans like you are wrestling with very serious issues. Energy prices have shot through the roof. We're still at war in Iraq. Our budget deficits are out of control, and we still have neighbors along the Gulf Coast who need help picking up the pieces after those terrible Hurricanes.

"I can't remember a situation like this since the Watergate scandal brought down the Nixon Administration."


Little wonder why Crazy Tice would get access to Ms. Mikulski, who, oh by the way, is a good friend (in fact very cozy with) Senator Jay (never found a secret I couldn't blab) Rockefeller, of whom she appointed with to a Social Security 'Task Force' back in 1998. In fact, she also served with on that committee the following familiar Democrats:

Max Cleland (GA), Kent Conrad and Byron Dorgan (ND), Richard Durbin and Carol Moseley-Braun (IL), Ted Kennedy (MA), Bob Kerrey (NE), Frank Lautenberg (NJ), Carl Levin (MI), Barbara Mikulski and Paul Sarbanes (MD), Patty Murray and Ron Wyden (WA), Jack Reed (RI), and Harry Reid (NV).

Getting the Gist?

Somebody call Orkin....I smell rats...

UPDATE: Then there is that Abramhoff problem Barbara's got along with the rest of her friends.