Sunday, January 15, 2006


Reaping what we sow

Two teens arrested in homeless beatings

Unless you are yourself so "morally numb" you cannot help but be abhorred at what these two young punks did to Norris Gaynor, a kind and talented man, who had the audacity to take a nap. Like the moral cowards they are, they couldn't even allow him to defend himself.

May these young men recieve the same mercy they showed to Mr. Gaynor. When they go to trial, I will be there, they will see me.

Yet this story goes far beyond just a another case of random violence. It is indicative of the the legacy that the secular left has left in this country. It's nothing short of the pit itself - a godless secularist human philosophy - a survivial of the fittest, fit for nothing but hell itself.

Every country - even this great one, reaps or will eventually reap what it sows. For the last fifteen years - from Columbine through today, we have witnessed what a world devoid of accountabilty can produce, We can see what happens when God is excluded from our schools, and kids are taught that they are nothing more than animals and then stand in amazement when they begin to act like it.

The godless secular left laugh at the prophesy of preachers who tell them of doom if they don't repent.

But God doesn't have to move, for the reaping is automatic and built in. Just study the the fall of all major civilizations all down the centuries to see this the truth come to fruition. Every great civilization has crumbled from within.

In fact, with the Roman Empire the fall was more than anything the decline in morals and values, two absolutes that have become "politically incorrect". The degradation of the family unit - turning it into an aberation if for no other reason but for convenience and pleasure.

An evil generation doesn't need a sign, but there are signs indeed and they show that if we continue to throw out the absolutes we will absolutely go the way of the Romans.

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