Richard Clarke - Freaking Unproductive!

Per this, Richard Clarke (who?) has something to say about the NSA Surveillance program.

"Add Richard Clarke, former counter-terrorism director in the White House, to a growing list of people accusing the Bush administration of breaking the law with its surveillance without court orders of people inside the United States communicating with suspected terrorists on the outside.

And Clarke, who left the White House in 2003 voicing complaints that the administration had not taken the threat of terrorism seriously before the attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, maintains the administration still is mishandling the war on terror. With its focus on a “tactical’’ battle with terrorists, he said today, the White House is losing a “strategic’’ battle for the hearts and minds of people in Islamic nations and Europe.

Clarke says he didn’t know about the National Security Agency’s surveillance of telephone calls and emails of people in the U.S. communicating with suspected terrorists, which the president secretly authorized following 9/11 and has re-authorized many times since then. That surveillance program only recently was made public.

“I think what they are doing is illegal,’’ Clarke said today at a forum of the Center for National Policy, a nonpartisan research center in Washington."

"Growing list"...

Fact is that list isn't half as big as those legal beagles who the MSM won't put on the air who say just the opposite, or at least in intellectual honesty (something Clarke never had. No room with that ego!) would say, we need to sit down and intelligently discuss the matter.

Blah....blah....illegal speagal...."Ooooh, Clarke look it's George!"


"“This administration has regrettably fought the battle against the Jihadists in a highly unproductive way,’’ Clarke said at today’s forum. “This administration has carried it out in such a way that we have lost support from the very governments needed.’’

Yeah Clarke, freaking unproductive!

You know, I knew the left was stupid (I know Clarke is). But this "illegal" crap is bordering insanity. "illegal". For the slow of snapse whatever "tapping" was down went under far more scrutiny and legal wrangling than any program in recent memory. Unless your from the rabid moonbat crowd that sees a Bush conspiracy spell out in your Alphabets everymorning, it's hard to see the myriad of DOJ lawyers who looked into this and decided to it was legal and that the President had the authority.

Moreover, again, this program didn't randomly 'spy' on American Citizens (unless they were talking with another party outtside the United States who was or who had terrorist ties. There is no evidence of widespread monitoring, nor that anyone had their "right to privacy" attacked.

(By the way, "Right to Privacy" isn't an absolute and you have no right to privacy if you're planning to kill people.)

Once again for the slow of snapse, this program isn't "new" or just since 9/11. Clinton employed warrantless survellience, and other tactics to fight "the drug war". Other Presidents did used "controversial" and much more intrusive tactics during times of war.

Again, let's have those Spector hearings and intelligently discuss this subject. Let's debate it. But when there are those who want to kill us, we have no time, and I have no time for morons like Clarke who would sell their mother (and us) down a burning building, just to make a political point. No time at all.