Show us the Documents!

The WSJ Opinion page has a followup to this article by Stephen Hayes (covered in this post) reference to the treasure trove of documents that have yet to be translated of which many show a direct link between Saddam and Islamic Terrorism:

"It is almost an article of religious faith among opponents of the Iraq War that Iraq became a terrorist destination only after the U.S. toppled Saddam Hussein. But what if that's false, and documents from Saddam's own regime show that his government trained thousands of Islamic terrorists at camps inside Iraq before the war?"

That would be an understatement and it is a scandal of the our present day MSM that because of political bias they wouldn't followup on this story. It's not about "vindicating Bush" or "justifying the war", but because it's the TRUTH. But moreover, we need to know the truth - we're still fighting these bastards.

"All of this is of more than historical interest, since Americans are still dying in Iraq at the hands of an enemy it behooves us to understand. If Saddam did train terrorists in Iraq before the war, then many of them must still be fighting there and the current "insurgency" can hardly be called a popular uprising rooted in Sunni nationalism. Instead, it is a revanchist operation led by Saddam's apparat and those they trained to use terror to achieve their political goals.

This means in turn that much of the Sunni population might be willing to participate in Free Iraq's politics but is intimidated from doing so by these Saddamists. The recent spurt of suicide bombings, aimed at Iraqi civilians and police trainees, looks like an attempt to revive such intimidation after the successful election. These Saddamists can't be coaxed into surrender by political blandishments because their goal isn't to share power but is to dominate Iraq once again. Or if they do play in the political process, it will only be in the Sinn Fein sense of doing so as cover for their real terror strategy."

The fact is the MSM will not be able to keep the lid on this as momentum is building and as everyday goes by more and more of the "puzzle" is being uncovered. A question this writer has:

"In any case, it is passing strange that the Bush Administration has been so uninterested in translating, and assessing, the information in the two million documents, audio and videotapes and computer hard drives it has collected in Iraq. Mr. Hayes reports that only 50,000 of these "exploitable items" have been examined so far, and those by a skeleton crew with few resources. Does anyone think, had there been a Nazi insurgency after Hitler fell, that the U.S. wouldn't have scoured everything found in Berlin? Why the dereliction this time?"

This has been a frustrating factor many of us have addressed who know the FACTS of the connects but wonder about the Bush Administration's reluctance to use the evidence. Perhaps the key is in this closing assessment:

"A less benign explanation for the Bush Administration's lethargy is that its officials don't want to challenge the prewar CIA orthodoxy that the "secular" Saddam would never cavort with "religious" al Qaeda. They've seen what happened to others--"Scooter" Libby, Douglas Feith, John Bolton--who dared to question CIA analyses. Mr. Hayes reports that the Pentagon intelligence chief, Stephen Cambone, has been a particular obstacle to energetic document inspection.

But if we've learned nothing else about U.S. intelligence in the last four years, it is that its "consensus" views are often wrong. The 9/11 Commission has confirmed extensive communication between Saddam's regime and al Qaeda over the years, including sanctuary for the current insurgent leader in Iraq, Abu Musab al-Zarqawi. We have also learned that in the years leading up to his ouster Saddam had implemented a "faith campaign" to use fundamentalist Islam as a tool of internal control. Especially if U.S. troops are going to remain to help the new Iraq government defeat the terrorists, we should want to know everything we can about them.

And the American people should know too. For three years now, opponents of the war in Congress and the bureaucracy have cherry-picked intelligence details and leaked them to influence public opinion. The Bush Administration until recently has been remarkably reluctant to fight back. Telling truths about Saddam that are revealed by his own documents is part of that fight."

I have no doubt in my mind that the Plame Game was a 'distraction' to throw off the 'dogs' so to speak and stop the administration from uncovering the truth. That the rogue CIA knew full well of Saddam's connections for years but failed - or rather shall we say "winked" at them. You know the Golden Goose and all.

One thing for sure is that the Bush administration is no longer "playing around" and during this coming spring and summer you are going to see a ramp-up of the truth surrounding the war that will effectually blow the opposition out of the water and might even throw a "Rock" or two in the brig.

UPDATE: Like I said, the MSM is clueless.......hopelessly so. Can you tell me anyone who really gives a crap about "vandals" and "looters"? .....anyone?