Traitors 'R' Us

If James Risen's book is a testament to anything (it seems that 'truth' isn't one of them), it's that ex-spooks are a talkative bunch.

"Risen's reporting isn't bulletproof. Like most intelligence reporters, he relies heavily on anonymous sources, and several anecdotes in State of War are attributed to a lone leaker. That makes some of the book's claims difficult to verify, while leaving Risen open to charges that he is being used by partisan ax grinders. Risen, who is contesting a court order to reveal the identities of sources he quoted in a series of disputed articles about the nuclear scientist Wen Ho Lee, admits that the book requires readers to make a "leap of faith" and accept the credibility of his sources. But the number of intelligence officials willing to risk their careers and come forward convinced Risen that their critiques have merit. "I got to these people at a good time," he says. "The frustration over the way things have been going in the Bush Administration had built up within the government. There were a lot of people who were increasingly uncomfortable with what was going..."

A "lone leaker" - let the speculation begin. Yet with those other "sources", 'intelligence officials' as if they are still working is a little misleading. As a commenter on my previous post noted "What careers"?

Goss has been cleaning house and sweeping out the "dust" with it. No doubt most of these former "intelligence officials" are members of same group of slugs that failed to read the tea-leaves of 9/11 because they were too busy with their political agendas than just doing their job - protecting the county.

It would seem the latter isn't one of their present agendas as over the last few years they're only purpose has been to reveal our intelligence secrets for all our enemies to see. One thing I don't think they banked on was that President Bush would fire back with an investigation into who leaked the NSA program to Risen. No doubt they'll be denials galore, and no wonder, because even on a good day nobody likes to get hung.

UPDATE: Michelle Malkin catches a "snafu" in the MSM meme that there is widespread revolt in the IC. Newsbusters with more on "Perky Katie"'s interview with traitor Jim.

Quotable: "Couric did ask a question along such lines, stating 'many critics alleged your sources had serious axes to grind."

Time and again, Risen defended his sources as having the "purest" and "best" motives, springing entirely from their concern for the rule of law.

As to whether he was concerned that in light of the Justice Department investigation into the leaks he might be forced to reveal his sources, Risen was quick to claim that this was "the complete opposite of the Plame case."

Yeah, Jim....keep thinking couldn't be more wrong. Wait and see.

UPDATE: Welcome back Tom Mcguire.