Will the Times face Lady Scales?

According to a little birdie there is more to the developing story that in fact the NY Times might actually be facing the music - the possibility which is outlined here. Little wonder why James Risen isn't exactly all over the airwaves this morning as the NY Times is apparently reigning him in (loose lips?).

Who knows...maybe a little preparation for taking the Fifth?

Come to think of it haven't heard much from the Priest lately.....could it be?

UPDATE: AJ Strata on FISA Judges that can't seem to keep their traps shut. Andrew McCarthy of National Review is astounded. Clarice Feldman at American thinker with a letter to AG Gonzales to take action!

Heh,....no more Mr. Nice guy!

UPDATE: My how we forget. Shouldn't what is good for Senator Shelby be good for all?