After today, the Party of Chamberlain is effectually FUBAR

As the day wore on I am more convinced than ever that the Democratic Party is totally and completely FUBAR, at this point. Their absolute delight that now Osama Bin Laden will be due three hots and a cot when he is captured, shows once whose side they are on in the GWOT, and it ain't ours.

There is absolutely NO doubt about this as we see over the last three years the numerous incidences where they played the negative to our positive of killing, capturing terrorist and stopping attacks BEFORE they happen. Get them to name ONE thing they did (without stealing it from the Right) to defend the Nation in the GWOT since 9/11, and you get stammering and blank stares because there isn't one thing they have done except bitch and moan and make wild accusations and jump on the side of terrorist at every turn.

From Rep. Chicken Shit Murtha condeming our Marines before a trial (if any), to Nancy Pelosi celebrating with Al Qaeda over today's ruling, to Harry (No penalty for early withdrawal) Reid, you are seeing the Democratic Party in a time of war. Buyer beware.

Fact is that I'm firmly convinced - although it sounds harsh - that Senator Reid and Pelosi and the rest of these dumasses go to bed each night praying to their god that we get hit again, just so they can run to the microphone and say, "SEE! We told you Bush sucks!"

Terrible to say, but it's true and they deserve the lable. Anger drives people mad, and these morons who can't win an elecion unless they steal it, are so desparate that they hope for anything - even an attack - if they can use it against Bush.

Aain sick - but true.

Therefore, I crown them, "Proponents of our Destruction". They should be seen as no less than Osama Bin Laden or any other cockroach on the human chain. In a time of great national danger when an enemy exist only to destroy us at every turn, the Party of Chamberlain has shown nothing but fear and loathing of our President, our men and women in uniform, and for the strength and principles that made us a great Nation.

While reviled and demonized by the left, Ann Coulter is absolutely right - they of the left are Godless and fit for nothing but the dung heap of history. I say away with them and let God sort 'em out.

And I believe that in spite of slanted (mostly done on weekends) polls, that the vast majority of the American people are fed up too. Not with Bush, but with the Party of Chamberlain. Fact is that people I meet every day, and especially today who feel nothing but distain for the Democrats, even though they don't specifically agree with Bush, they nonetheless KNOW that he is real when he tells them that he going to protect this nation. They instinctively know that he is honest guy and stands on his priciples while democrats by and large seem to stand which ever way the boat isn't sinking, and when it is they throw the women and children overboard.

I don't care what anyone says, when it gets down to the basics everyone wants to be safe and not get blown up. That's a fact (except for the moonbats of the far left), for the majority of Americans. Thus LIBERALS will get us killed - we can't afford 'em.

So I say to the rabid left - "Keep it up! It's not working like you think, but it IS working great to help keep the RIGHT in the majority". The American people by and large are NOT on your side and the side of the terrorists, but you keep believing that they are.