Friday, June 09, 2006


Al-Zarqawi's Termination - One day after and the MSM spins silly

It's been a little over a day since Zarqawi (What no virgins?) met Satan and already the MSM is beginning to "anal-ize" the story - ad-nausea.

Philip Kennicott of the Washington Post is "disturbed" by "The frame surrounding an image of Abu Musab al-Zarqawi's head, revealed to the world as proof the terrorist is dead, is bizarre. When the picture was displayed at a U.S. military news briefing, Zarqawi's face was seen inside what appeared to be a professional photographic mat job, with a large frame, as if it were something one might preserve and hang on the wall next to other family portraits. One function of frames is to bound an image, and close down its open edges; frames delimit, both physically and by extension, metaphorically. But that was the last thing this frame was doing."

Phillip is disturbed by the style of "picture frame" used to present the corspe of Zarqawi.

Ah, journalism on the edge!

Kennicott - author of several "It's America's fault" articles at the WAPO, such as this tripe on Abu Grab, simply continues the thread. He "morns" - as a lot of liberals, not the fact that we got Zarqawi, but that we got him NOW - "NOW damit, just when we have worked so hard to put Bush on the mat! Damit! Damit all to hell!"


UPDATE: NRO's Rich Lowry agrees. Also Newsbusters.

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